Houthi militia´s fake allegations

Houthi militia´s fake allegations

Iran’s al-Houthi militiais promoting untrue allegations aimed at misleading international and regional public opinion, a spokesman for the Alliance for Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen said on Monday.

Maliki said during a press conference, that the Iranian Houthi militias tried to circumvent the units of the National Army, but the coalition forces foiled the attempt.

He pointed out that one of the most important threats to regional and international security is the threat of Houthi militias, using weapons, especially ballistic missiles and drones.

The threat of IranianHouthi militias also includes shipping lines and international trade in the Bab al-MandabStrait and the southern RedSea, he said.

Al-Maliki pointed out that the Houthi militias did not abide by the Stockholm agreement, especially its three understandings with regard to prisoners and ports, including the port of Hodeidah.

A spokesman for the Coalition to Support Legitimacy said that the Iranian Houthi militias are still continuing to threaten maritime navigation and international trade.

He stressed that the coalition plays an important role in neutralizing the houthis, saying: “We are working 24 hours to neutralize the threat of drones and speedboats, especiallyfromHodeidah.”

Al-Maliki showed pictures of targeting coalition forces and workshops to manufacture booby-trapped boats belonging to the Houthi militias on the Yemeni coasts.

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United Nations: Yemen is the poorest country in the world

Yemen is the poorest country in the world

According to the Yemen War Impact Assessment report, since the Houthi coup, the war has increased poverty in Yemen from 47 percent of the population to 75 percent, according to forecasts by the end of 2019.If fighting continues until 2022, Yemen will be classified as the poorest country in theworld. where seventy-nine percent of the population lives below the poverty line, sixty-five percent are classified as very poor.

“UNDP has worked with the support of international partners and as part of a broader United Nations intervention, focusing on helping Yemenis sustain businesses and enterprises, in order to maintain the infrastructure needed to recover when they are in place, said Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator. Peace comes.

If the war continues in Yemen, the proportion of the population living in extreme poverty will triple, and will rise from 19 percent in 2014 to 65 percent in 2022, the report said. Yemen by 2022 is the most poor country in the world.

The report, launched at a parallel event at the UN General Assembly, co-hosted by Germany and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to identifies spikes in malnutrition throughout Yemen. Twenty-five percent of the population was malnourished, but the report estimates that this figure is now approaching thirty-six percent, and could reach about fifty percent if fighting continue until 2022.

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UAE combats cholera and epidemics in west coast of yemen

The United Arab Emirates supports the Yemeni people

The United Arab Emirates supports the Yemeni people by promoting and improving areas related to people’s lives, especially health.

In this regard, the UAE Red Crescent Authority, in coordination with the health and agriculture bureaus of Al-Mukha, in Taiz governorate, has launched a “mist spraying campaign” as part of the UAE’s continuous efforts to combat epidemics in the west coast of Yemen, especially the cholera epidemic in order to preserve the lives of civilians and preserve their lives.

The UAE Red Crescent representative in the West Coast said the campaign came in response to a distress call from the local authority aimed at eliminating mosquitoes and insect vectors.

Thabit Al-Hamli, Director of the Agriculture and Population Office at the Mokha Directorate, said during the inauguration that a scheduled campaign plan has been implemented by specialized teams over 12 days, including Mokha city and various isolation and villages of the Directorate.

Al-Hamli conveyed the greetings and thanks of the local authority and the people of Mukha to the UAE, which continues its generous assistance to the Yemeni people in all fields through its humanitarian arm Red Crescent. Dr. Amin Al-Shazli, Director of the Health Bureau in the Directorate, stressed the importance of the campaign, which comes in the context of the efforts exerted by the UAE to control and eliminate cholera, dengue fever and other fevers that have re-spread with the onset of the rainy season.

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