UAE Foundation fulfill 434 wishes for Yemeni children

Since the end of May 2006, UAE fulfilled wishes and dreams of about 434 severely ill children at the Friendship Hospital in Yemen, with support from the UAE Red Crescent.
This operation came in line with the directives of the Advisor to the President of the State Sheikha Bint Saif Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, Honorary President of the “Achievement of wishes” Foundation, Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan.
Hani al-Zubaidi, CEO of the wishes fulfillment organization, said: “The entry of the Foundation’s staff into the land of Yemen to bring joy and happiness to the
hearts and minds of the children and families of our Yemenis brothers is a national duty.
It is natural that children with serious diseases in brotherly Yemen need more hope and happiness to help them. To continue the process of painstaking treatment, especially with the conditions experienced by their country, giving psychological support to these little angels is the minimum we can do.
He explained that the wishes varied between having laptops, smartphones, “iPad”, electronic cars and other modern electronic devices.
He added that in implementation of the Foundation’s strategy during the “Year of Tolerance”, the Foundation was able to draw a smile of happiness and hope on the faces of sick children, some other little angels wished to be hosted with their families in a resort to spend a day on the beach, some other kids just wanted a PlayStation or spend a day in a mall and have fun.
Al-Zubaidi said that “the Foundation works hard to be a helping hand in Yemen and spread love peace and happiness in the hearts of the children and families of the Yemeni people, during this year of tolerance. This is an extension of Zayed’s eternal human heritage in the love of good and peace and follows the path of good leadership in giving happiness to others despite religion, Color, gender or race.

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