UAE launches a back to school campaign on the west coast of Yemen

The UAE continues to support the Yemeni service sectors, including the education sector. The UAE Red Crescent Authority, on Sunday, launched a back to school campaign on the west coast of Yemen.

The campaign included the opening and furnishing of  16 schools and the distribution of school bags for the students, for the entire 16 schools destroyed by the war waged by the Houthi terrorist militia against the Yemeni people.

The campaign, which was inaugurated by the Directorate of Mukha in Taiz governorate under the slogan “My school .. my future”, also includes a full furnishing of schools that the Authority restored and opened earlier, 36 schools, in addition to the distribution of the integrated school bags to the students of the schools of the directorates of Bab al-Mandab, distributor, waziya and Mokha Taiz governorate, and the directorates of Khokha, Hays, Tahita and Duraimi in Hodeidah province.

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