UN: Control points have reduced violence in Hodeidah

The United Nations said that the moves by the deployment teams headed by Indian General Abhijit Goha contributed significantly to reduce the level of violence in the province of Hodeidah in western Yemen.

The UN mission, said in a statement on Saturday night that the recent inauguration of five checkpoints on the front lines of fighting in Hodeidah has contributed to a marked reduction in the level of violence on the ground.

He commended the commitment of the parties to work through the truce mechanism and the strengthening of the ceasefire, which began last September on the UNSMIL vessel.

However, the statement drew attention to reports over the past few days of incidents involving new fortifications, troop movements and the use of drones “all contrary to the ceasefire agreements between the parties,” in reference to recent attacks by Houthi militias on one of them. By the march of the MSF hospital in Mocha.

General Guha called on both parties in Yemen to continue their engagement “jointly and in a spirit of goodwill” through the truce mechanism and the strengthening of the ceasefire to deal with incidents that may constitute an escalation of violence in Hodeidah.

He also underscored UNAMI’s commitment to support the Hodeidah Agreement in continuing to support the work of the parties through the mechanism. The Head of the UN Mission reiterated his call on the parties to desist from any actions that contradict the Stockholm Agreement.

The Hudaydah and West Coast fronts are witnessing a growing Houthi military escalation, including field and combat developments, attacks and bombardments, according to Yemeni joint forces.

On Saturday, Houthi militias resumed shelling and targeting in al-Duraimi and al-Jajah, following similar operations in the same district, al-Jah, al-Tahita and al-Faza area in al-Hudaydah province, west of Yemen, as part of their ongoing breaches of the UN truce.

The Yemeni joint forces, on the west coast, have warned of a Houthi plot to torpedo the peace process and the UN truce in Hodeidah.

The spokesman for the Joint Forces, Colonel Waddah Al-Dabeish, said that the pro-Iranian Houthi militias continue to practice their treacherous, cowardly and malicious tactics in procrastinating and repudiating any previous agreements, even with regard to the five observation points announced by the Indian General Abhijit Guha during the period 19. October 23, 2019.

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