Yemeni army free new sites in Dhali

Yemeni army forces took control of Al-Qaffa site on Friday evening and continued its field advance towards Al-Shamria town west of Qataba district in Al-Dhala governorate in the south of the country after violent clashes with Houthi militias.

“The forces of the 7th Brigade, supported by Hajar resistance, had taken full control of the Qaffa site, after a lightning operation in which clashes with the putschists intensified for nearly two hours, using various types of weapons.” mentioned the media center of the Dali Front, in a statement.

This successful military operation came hours after the security belt forces made extensive progress in the Hajar front south of the strategic town of Oud, located in the northern side of Dali. Added the media center.

The Qaffa site, a mountainous governor of the southern governorate of Shamriya , overlooks the area from the south, connected with the seam lines opposite Battar.

According to field sources, crowds of Houthis reinforcements incur heavy losses under Katyusha and artillery strikes. After 10 pm, the most intense battles are taking place in Battar, al-Hurra and Qaroud, west of Battar, after the Houthi militia mobilization.

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